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Behind the Scenes

With nothing more than a secondhand mixing kit and an eclectic array of records, DJ Honey impressively burst onto the Philadelphia DJ scene back in 2010. Since then, they’ve become well-renowned for their creative ingenuity and original grooves. A slew of hot tracks and unconventional performances has elevated DJ Honey to a level few DJs ever reach. “It’s a challenge, but I wouldn’t change it for the world,” says DJ Honey.

She is passionate about the art, culture and feeling of all things music which is why she began deejaying at the age of 17. This rising star's talent and personality caught the attention of fellow DJs and venues in the Philadelphia and Washington, DC regions and has provided her an opportunity to showcase her skills throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

Growing a loyal fan base one event at a time, DJ Honey keeps crowds moving by playing a variety of music but definitely surprises those who misjudge her youthfulness with classic 90's mixes. Her diversity is also a strong suit and she enjoys playing genres that expand from the expected Hip-Hop all the way to Techno. Yes, she is young but her love for music has made her a student of the art and coupled with her dedication to please audiences there is no event Honey cannot handle.

Although DJ'ing is her main focus, many have taken note to her sense of fashion and ability to be a social influencer. Therefore, Honey's image can and has been used in various marketing strategies to attract business for venues, designers and the like.

While being able to maintain a good appearance schedule at the hottest venues in DC and Philadelphia such as XO Lounge, The Arts Garage, Maximum Level and Studio 98 the plan is for Honey to gain frequent flyer miles in a quest to infect crowds with her smile, skills and shared love of music. For more information of booking for appearances, model shoots and etc…, please contact us. 

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