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The foundation to being a good DJ is your ability to mix, blend and program songs cleanly alongside creatively.  The Slick Beats DJ Mixing Program is this foundation, designed to progress students from the entry level, to the fundamentals, and finally to advanced mixing skills.  After completing all the levels of the DJ Mixing Program, you will be well on your way to whatever kind of DJ career or artistic path you desire.

On your first day of class, your instructor will evaluate your current skill level and determine which level it falls under in our DJ Mixing curriculum and work with you from there. Work side by side with your instructor and complete each level at your own pace.  The time to complete this course is based on your own progress, along with your instructor advancing you through each level.  Upon completion of DJ Mixing Levels 1-4 and the Professional Course, you will receive the Beat Refinery DJ Mixing Certificate. After earning the DJ Mixing Certificate, you are well on your way to completing the Professional DJ Certificate.

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